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Please choose a concept to get started.

Below is a list of links to pages that contain basic information about middle school science concepts. Although these pages provide useful information to aid you in learning these concepts, successful mastery comes from repeated review, along with good study habits.

Middle School Concepts by Category

Processing Skills

   Lab Safety Rules

Scientific Method
   Scientific Method Lesson
   Experimental Variables Lesson
   Scientific Method Game
   Variables Game
   Scientific Method/Variables Quiz


Life Science


Body Systems
   Cell Lesson
   Cell Games
   Animal Cell Puzzle
   Plant Cell Puzzle


Physical Science

   Atoms Lesson
   Atoms Game
   Periodic Table Jeopardy
   Atoms Quiz
   Atoms Video
   Elements Lesson

Newton's Laws
   Laws of Motion Lesson
   Laws of Motion Games
   Energy Game
   Laws of Motion Quiz
   Laws of Motion Video

   Energy Lesson
   Energy Game